Symptoms of Depression You Should Know

People with depression or manic disorders may show all the symptoms that doctors say are associated with depression. Sometimes it can be hard to spot these sign of depression, which can make it difficult to help yourself or others who are dealing with depression.

There are many symptoms of depression that a person may have, but they don't need to suffer from all of them to be diagnosed. Also, since major depression symptoms vary, the time of their attacks can vary as well.

Symptoms of depression can include:

A prolonged period of sadness or feeling down is a sign of depression. People who are always feeling not in the mood, who'd rather mope around the house and feel sorry for themselves are the best example of this. 

The person speaking is describing two different symptoms of depression - feeling sorry for oneself, and being a perpetual pessimist. When a person is depressed, they often feel like they have nothing to look forward to in life, and are very negative about things. 

Depression can be easily seen in people who mope around all day. Whenever a person feels guilty over something, it actually makes them a very sad person who feels like they don't deserve to be happy. This text is saying that if a person feels like they are not worthy of happiness or enjoying themselves, that is a sign of depression. Additionally, feeling helpless and assuming that nothing will go your way are also signs of being depressed.

If someone isn't interested in finding or taking pleasure in anything, it may be a sign that they are depressed. This is because if someone is too sad to enjoy the things they love, they are seriously lacking something.

Lack of interest in life and fatigue are major depression symptoms. Depression can also lead to physical health problems.

Somebody who is depressed may have difficulty concentrating or remembering things, and may also seem indecisive. This is because depression can cause a lack of interest in the world around them, making it hard to pay attention or keep track of things.

Be on the lookout for changes in sleeping patterns, appetite, and weight in yourself and others, as these can be symptoms of depression. Suicidal thoughts, talking about death, and wanting to die are clear major depression symptoms. Being restless and irritable, as well as experiencing physical symptoms like headaches, digestive disorders, and various body pains, are also common signs of poor mental health.

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